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Go to Federal Reserve Board Economic Research and Data.

Use FRED -- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Go to Data-Planet:

  • Drill down through Browse by Source - Federal Reserve Board
  • Click any topics of interest to find current and historical data on that topic.

For ArchivaL Federal Reserve Economic Data -- Go to ALFRED -- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Refer to release dates and retrieve vintage versions of data that were available on specific dates in history. 

Go to WRDS.

  • ​Choose Federal Reserve Bank.

Note: Access to WRDS requires creation of a WRDS account.

Use Bloomberg, available at Lippincott Library and in Huntsman Hall.

  • Type FOMC and hit <GO> for information from the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve.
    • The Federal Funds Rate is the rate banks charge each other for the use of overnight loans of their federal reserve balances.
    • The Discount Rate is the interest rate charged to banks to borrow short-term funds from a Federal Reserve bank.