Answered By: Lippincott Library
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024     Views: 855

Use LSEG Workspace.

  • To find proxy campaigns against a specific company, search by company name or ticker in the top left corner. From the company's profile page, select the ESG menu, then Activism Campaigns.
  • To find aggregate data on proxy fights, enter CORPGOV in the search box to use the corporate governance app.

Come to the Lippincott Library and use SDC Platinum or Factset (see access details).

SDC Platinum:

  • Choose the Corporate Governance tab and select Proxy Fights.


  • Type shark repellent in the search bar at the top of the page to navigate to the subset interface.
  • Click the Activism (SharkWatch) Tab at the top of the page, and then click search tab underneath it.
  • Enter desired search criteria and click execute.
  • Click on the Company View tab.

For news on specific proxy fights, use Dow Jones Factiva.

  • Scroll over Search in the top toolbar, then click on Search Builder.
  • Enter key terms of interest in the Free Text box (e.g.,  apple AND "proxy fight").