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Question & Answer

Question: How do I find data on futures, options, and commodities?
Answer: Go to Global Financial Data

Search Global Insight
Choose DataInsight-Web then Financial Markets

Use Value Line Research Center - click Log On, then choose Options Survey from the lefthand menu.

For U.S. equity and index options markets go to Options Metrics in WRDS.

Take a look at USGS Commodity Statistics and Information - U.S. Geological Survey

Also, check out the USDA's Economic, Statistics, and Market Information System for commodity market data and outlooks.

Use Bloomberg, available in Lippincott Library and Huntsman Hall, to plot mines and mining sites (for gold, coal, various metals, etc) as points on a map.
Type BMAP and hit the green GO key.
Or, type CRR and hit the green GO key to rank commodity indexes.

Go to Prospects for the Global Economy from the World Bank.

Last modified: Thursday, 19-Aug-2010