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Question: Where can I find current and historical annual reports?

Current and Recent Annual Reports can often be found on a company's Web site. OR:

Mergent Online

Securities Mosaic
Comprehensive disclosure and regulatory information for securities. Data covers six areas: disclosure, laws, rules, guidance, news, and compliance centers.

Thomson One
Provides full-text SEC filings, scanned images of U.S. and international company annual reports submitted to U.S. and foreign exchanges.

Older Reports:

For annual reports from 1972-1995 use LexisNexis Academic. Select "Companies" from the left, then "Company Profiles". Under "Select Sources" choose AICPA reports.

Browse through scanned images of a selection of annual reports using Historical Corporate Reports, a Lippincott Library project.

Columbia Historical Corporate Reports Online Collection offers digitized annual reports for about 50 New York City-based companies. Selected corporations in the digital collection include department stores, utility companies, banks, and railroads ranging from the 1850s through the early 1960s.

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