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Question & Answer

Question: Where can I find constituent lists for the FTSE UK indices?
Answer: Go to FTSE UK Indices
Select Constituents on the left, and then the index you want
(Select Indices if you want to select a different FTSE Index series)

Use Thomson One Banker, select Indices at the left hand side, search for the index you require and select Constituents
see Business Research Plus post

Use Datastream available in Eddie Davies Library and in Precinct Library.
Select category Constituent Lists, search for the index you require and do a static request for company name.
Easier using the Datastream Advance for Office Excel Add-In. Note that you need a slightly different code for historic constituent lists - see Business Research Plus post for details.

Use Bloomberg Function MEMB provides index membership, use edit option to change date, and export results to Excel.

Constituent information is also available from the London Stock Exchange Indices webpages. and Yahoo! Finance
However, this is not in a form that makes downloading the complete list easy.

FTSE 100 - changes in 2011 describes the FTSE 100 constituent changes over 2011.

Last modified: Wednesday, 16-February-2012