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Question: Where do I find industry statistics and reports?

Industry reports, profiles, and overviews are available through a number of BIS's resources. Some of these databases are reserved for University of Illinois faculty and student use for academic purposes only. In most cases, you can search for an industry by name, NAICS code, or SIC code. Try looking in the following:

  • First Research: Simply search for an industry by name, NAICS, or SIC.
  • IBISWorld: The simplest way to use IBISWorld is to enter an industry name or NAICS code in the search box and click the arrow just to the right of it.
  • MarketLine Advantage: Click the 'Industries' link. Then click the pink 'Industries' tab. Now your keyword search will only search industry profiles.
  • OneSource: Use the search box under "industry" to look for industry information.
  • Freedonia Focus Reports: Browse categories or search for keywords.
  • Business Source Complete: Type the name of an industry in one of the search boxes and check the boxes next to "industry profile" and "industry overview" under the "special limiters" heading.
  • ABI/Inform Complete: Search for an industry name as a subject. On the results page, click the "references/reports" tab.
  • Passport: Look under "industries" on the navigation bar.
  • The Encyclopedia of American Industries: a searchable ebook

Any of the above resources are liable to contain some statistics, but for more you may wish to consult the following:

  • Proquest Statistical Datasets: "industry and commerce."
  • The U.S. Economic Census: Issued every five years, the Economic Census provides data from the national level down to individual ZIP codes.
  • RMA Annual Statement Studies: This printed resource provides composite ratios and balance sheet data for companies in various industries, disaggregated by company assets and sales. It is often used to get a general idea of the financial condition of companies in a given industry. Located in the Reference Room and Main Stacks. The call number is 332 R54s1.
  • Use Bloomberg, available at the Margolis Market Information Lab (MIL) at the Business Instructional Facility (BIF). Bloomberg Industry Analysis can be accessed from a Bloomberg terminal by typing "IBQ" and hitting the "GO" key.