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Question & Answer

Question: Where can I find information on IPOs?
Answer: Search the database:
Thomson One Banker select Deals module, Equity search and include Issue Type IPO in your search
(or use SDC Platinum in the Eddie Davies Library - select Global New Issues)

Bloomberg function IPO gives access to summary statistics on IPOs worldwide, data on individual IPOs, Bloomberg world IPO indices, and IPO news.

The London Stock Market provides various statistics including New Issues and IPO Summary spreadsheet.

Jay Ritter has an excellect web page of IPO data including data files from the appendices of several IPO papers.

The US Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) has information on company registrations (required prior to IPO on US exchange) (See Researching IPOs on SEC site.)
Company SEC filings can be accessed through the Search EDGAR facility

Last modified: Monday, 21-May-2012