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Question & Answer

Question: Where do I find export and import data worldwide?
Answer: Use Bloomberg, available in Lippincott Library and Huntsman Hall.
Type ECTR and hit GO to access Bloomberg Trade Flow.
Tables and graphs for world trade including data on total trade, surplus/deficit trade, exports/imports and net exports. Time series start in 1980 and include yearly, quarterly and monthly data. Geographic detail include geographic regions, 251 countries, and geopolitical regions such as BRICS and the EU. Does not include product detail.

Look at UN Comtrade
To customize your data query on Comtrade, click Account Info and enter your email address. Click Data Query and then Express Selection. You can request a time series of exports and imports as far back as 1962 -- use the SITC Rev.1 Classification. For total exports and imports, enter total under Commodity Codes/Text . You can also enter a Reporting Country and a Partner Country.

For U.S. foreign trade use Foreign Trade from the US Census Bureau

Last modified: Wednesday, 30-Oct-2013