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A recall notice is a request for you to return the item borrowed by the recall due date. 

The library encourages all borrowers to request items they need through another library using BorrowDirect+. However, sometimes a book is checked out, and we are not able to locate a copy of the item at another library. In these rare cases, a patron can make a request through the Circulation Desk to recall the item.

Library materials are subject to being recalled at any time, with the exception of Van Pelt Bestsellers which are not eligible for recall. When a recall is requested, the current borrower receives an email notification and will have 10 days to finish with the item and return it. Conversely, if someone needs a book you have checked out, they may recall it from you, and you will receive a notice letting you know that you must return the book within 10 days, or fines will begin to accrue.

If you are leaving campus for a period of time, please return your library books prior to leaving, or be prepared to return them to the library should they be recalled while you are away.

If you have questions or concerns about the recall request, please call Van Pelt Circulation at 215-898-7566.

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